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University of Oregon


Nestled in the lush Willamette Valley, with an easy drive to both the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains, the University of Oregon is renowned for its research prowess and commitment to teaching. We challenge our students to question critically, think logically, communicate clearly, act creatively, and live ethically. We serve the people of Oregon, our nation, and the world through research, teaching, and outreach that benefits humanity, drives innovation, strengthens the economy, and transforms lives.


What we consider:
Each year we choose students who not only demonstrate great academic potential but whose diverse perspectives and experiences will enrich our campus community. We’re not just choosing students to attend classes. We’re choosing individuals who will share ideas, challenge us, be challenged, and excel. We want to know what you can add to the UO community. So don’t hold back. The more we know, the better. We want to get to know you—it’s our favorite part of the job.


Academic factors

• Grade trend
• Senior year schedule
• Test-optional
• Activities and accomplishments, including employment or other
responsibilities outside of school
• Ability to enhance the university’s diversity
• Academic courses from 9th through 12th grades. Courses needed:
• Four years of English
• Three years of math (to at least algebra II with geometry,
or integrated math III)
• Three years each of science and social studies
• Two years of a language other than English


Most students we admit have gone beyond these minimums by taking additional courses in these areas, or by completing college credit, or rigorous options such as honors courses, Advanced Placement, Cambridge, or International Baccalaureate.


Personal factors
We use your narrative sections to assess your personal motivation, your drive, your ability to enhance the diversity of our community, and discover special talents you might bring.

When you list activities. it’s not about how many things you do. It’s about how they matter to you, and to those around you.


What to turn in

Application (Common App, Coalition App, or the Oregon App)
High school transcripts
ACT or SAT scores
Personal statement
Optional second essay and explanation of special circumstances
Description of activities, accomplishments, or employment
Application fee or waiver for students with documented financial need



If you need more time to apply please take time to make your decision


Visit to learn more.

Financial Aid

Scholarships are available to incoming students and to those who are already attending the UO. Find scholarships, deadlines, and other important information by visiting one of the websites below.



Academics & Athletics

The University of Oregon is one of just two schools in the Pacific Northwest  elected for membership in the prestigious Association of American Universities, a consortium of 62 leading public and private research institutions in the United States and Canada.

#1 public university in Oregon
Tier 1 national public research university
25% of undergraduates study abroad


Top 10 Majors:
Business Administration
Human Physiology
Journalism and Communication
Political Science
General Social Science
Computer and Information Science


Ducks Dive into research to find answers to some of humanities biggest questions. We’re using big data to save and improve lives striving to protect lives, striving to predict earthquakes, and prevent deadly disease. We are combining expertise across disciplines in math, biology, and genomics with bioengineering, neuroengineering, data science, and precision medicine to fight cancer. We’re redefining research education with the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact, shaping the next generation of scientists, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

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Visit to learn more.


Sports and Recreation:
At the UO, we believe in caring, caring for others, caring for the planet, and caring for ourselves. We value balance and finding time for a bit of fun in a busy day. Whether it’s a yoga break during finals week, a pick-up basketball game after class, or crossing the footbridge to Autzen Stadium on a crisp fall day, getting out and getting active is part of life for Ducks. Our state-of-the-art Student Recreation Center, robust Club Sports program, nationally recognized Outdoor Program, and dozens of adventure- and fitness-related organizations and events make it easy to find what works for you—however you move.

33 Divison I National Championships
32 Intramural Leagues
More than 1,000 Athletes in 40 Club Sports


Student Life

300+ Student Organizations
2.4K Student Events Each Year
60 Multicultural and Identity-Based Centers and Groups
One of the Top 20 Public Universities for Graduating Underrepresented Students


Career Ready:
You might not know your destination yet. You might not even be sure what your first step on the journey should be. But that’s what we’re here for. The UO is where you’ll learn to knit together your interests, talents, and goals into a cohesive thread. It starts with our academic advisors and deciding what you’ll study; that might mean confirming what you already know you want, working backward from a dream job, or creating combinations to fit your passions. Our career experts will help you add in the experiences that compliment your classroom learning: part-time jobs, internships, networking, leadership opportunities. You’ll connect with people who’ve walked your same path and found success, and employers who can show you what they’re looking for. Because your career will be a journey that may zig and zag, our advisors will help you prepare for whatever opportunities open up. Together, we’ll help you navigate your path, reduce barriers, and show prospective employers why you’re the right person for the job.

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Equity and Inclusion:

Diversity at the University of Oregon is more than numbers and percentages. It’s about communities and individuals: students, professors, and staff members, with unique identities, experiences, and perspectives.


We’re committed to continuously building an equitable and inclusive community. We know it takes intention, humility, and a willingness to listen to and learn from the people around us. It takes critical thinking and sometimes changes to our behaviors. It’s an evolving conversation with no endpoint—a continuous commitment to be and do better. Our community is at our best when we affirm, respect, support, and celebrate what makes us different along with the common threads that tie us together.


Oone of the Top 25 LGBTQ-Friendly Colleges and Universities
—Campus Prime Index
34% of Freshmen are Ethnic and Racial Minorites
15% Hispanic or Latino
14% Asian American
6% Black or African American
3% Native American
2% Hawaiian or Pacific Islander


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Campus Housing


Living on campus is about connection: to friends, resources, and seriously good food.

Think of your hall as a home away from home. It’s a place to make friends, find study partners, build a family, and make memories. Our residence halls are designed to enhance your life on campus, with live‑in faculty members, study spaces, traveling tutors and advisors, music practice rooms, and even a maker-hacker space. In short, everything you need to start your college career right at home.


Residential Communities:
Live with other students who have similar identities, values, or needs.
Creative Practice
Gender Equity


Academic Residential Communities:

– Art + Design
– Business
– Carnegie Global Ethics
– Environmental Leaders
– Global Engagement
– Health Sciences
– Latinx Scholars
– LGBTQIA+ Scholars
– Media and Social Action
– Native American and
– Indigenous Studies
– Performing Artists Collective
– Robert D. Clark Honors
– Social Activism
– Thrive: Healthy Living
– Umoja Black Scholars

Visit to learn more.


Academic Residential Community:
An Academic Residential Community puts you right in the middle of a community of students and faculty members with a common passion.

Students in Academic Residential Communities take core courses together for a year, share a lead faculty member, and live together in a close-knit community. Academic Residential Communities focus on transitioning you to college academic life through experiences and a small-group cohort experience.

Admissions Representative

Office of Admissions

Phone: 541-346-3201


Live Zoom Schedule

9:00 – 10:00 Welcome and information session with Q&A

10:00-12:00 Q & A with Counselors

12:00 – 1:00 University Housing

1:00 – 2:00 Q & A with Counselors

2:00 – 3:00 Transfer & International Admissions Info session with Q&A

3:00 – 4:00 College of Business Presentation

4:00 – 5:00 Student Panel (Current UO Students)

5:00 – 6:00 Information session with Q&A

6:00 – 8:00 Q & A with Counselors

You may have to download zoom app, and create a free account. Create your account first by clicking here, and then click the join button above.



Want to talk to a representative? Please fill out this form to get contacted and receive more information about this school:



A school representative will contact you within the next seven days. If you would like to contact them directly please use the contact info listed on this page.