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California State University Maritime Academy


Established in 1929, California State University Maritime Academy is the only degree-granting maritime academy on the West Coast. Located in Vallejo, California, the campus serves approximately 1000 students and offers undergraduate degrees preparing students for careers in engineering, transportation, international relations, business, and global logistics. The new oceanography degree program launches in the fall of 2020. The Academy also offers a master’s degree in Transportation and Engineering Management, as well as a number of extended learning programs and courses.


Items required for to make an admission decision:
A completed online application, the $70.00 application fee, and an SAT or ACT score (required for almost all applicants).


Academic requirements for First-Time Freshmen:

Qualifying CSU Eligibility Index score for your major.

“C” grade or better in each of the required college prep courses for your major listed in the table below

Minimum 2.0 overall GPA (Grades earned in the 9th grade are not factored into the GPA calculation, but do count as fulfilling the college prep coursework requirements.)


Impacted majors (competitive admissions), and additional requirements:

Mechanical Engineering
Marine Transportation
Marine Engineering Technology
Facilities Engineering Technology


Non Impacted Majors: 

International Business and Logistics
Global Studies and International Affairs


Required College Prep Coursework (CSU/UC A-G list)
Find exact courses that meet each category at YOUR California high school at


A – 2 years U.S. History & Social Science (e.g. American Government, World History)

B – 4 years High School English

C – 3 years to 4 years Math—Elementary Algebra, Geometry, Intermediate Algebra.

4th year (Pre-Calculus) recommended for Marine Transportation majors & required for Mechanical Engineering majors

D – 2 years Science with lab—one Biological Science and one Physical Science (Physics is recommended for Marine Transportation majors)

E – 2 years Foreign Language (must be in the same language)

F – 1 year Visual or Performing Arts

G – 1 year College Preparatory Electives (extra courses taken in any of the above categories, plus electives designated by the school)


The CSU Eligibility Index – Grades & Test Scores

Your GPA x 800 = _______ + Combination of SAT Math and SAT Reading scores = Your Index


Your GPA x 200 = _______ + (ACT composite x 10) = Your Index
Minimum qualifying index score for California residents:


Minimum Eligibility Index = 2950 SAT (694 with ACT) for two of our majors, Business Administration – International Business and Logistics as well as Global Studies and Maritime Affairs.


Our impacted majors, Marine Transportation, Marine Engineering Technology, Facilities Engineering Technology, and Mechanical Engineering use a higher eligibility score based on the quantity and quality of the applicants to each program.


Applicants with a 3.0 GPA or higher applying to our Business Administration – International Business and Logistics or Global Studies and Maritime Affairs majors can be admitted without an SAT or ACT score although it is highly recommended to take either test.


Requirements for residents outside California:
The Minimum Eligibility (index score) for all majors is 3,570 for those using the SAT in their index score calculation or 842 for those using the ACT in their index score calculation.


The Minimum Eligibility (index score) may be higher for 2018 Marine Transportation applicants, Marine Engineering Technology applicants, Facilities Engineering Technology applicants, and Mechanical Engineering applicants as determined based on the quantity and academic quality of the applicants.


SAT or ACT scores: All students should submit an SAT or ACT score. Marine Transportation, Marine Engineering Technology, Facilities Engineering Technology, and Mechanical Engineering applications will not be considered without a test score.


SAT or ACT Scores

Sending test scores to Cal Maritime:
Cal Maritime’s SAT Code is 4035 or the general SAT code for the CSU System of 3594.Our ACT Code is 0184.


Latest date to take or re-take the SAT or ACT:
Early Action option: All tests must be taken no later than the October test date offered by the testing service. All scores should arrive at our office by November 30.


Regular Admission option: All tests must be taken no later than the December test date offered by the testing service. All scores should arrive at our office by January 11.


020-21 Estimated Cost Of Attendance for California Residents
Entering Undergraduate Students

On Campus Off Campus With Parents or Relatives
Tuition $5,742.00 $5,742.00 $5,742.00
Campus Fees $1,418.00 $1,418.00 $1,418.00
Room/Board $12,712.00 $14,956.00 $8,804.00
Medical Insurance $1,822.00 $1,822.00 $1,822.00
Books/Supplies $1,200.00 $1,200.00 $1,200.00
Transportation $864.00 $1,404.00 $1,654.00
Personal/Misc $2,000.00 $2,602.00 $2,398.00
Loan $50.00 $50.00 $50.00
Estimated Uniform Cost $2,384.00 $2,384.00 $2,384.00
Orientation Fee $385.00 $385.00 $385.00
Total $28,577.00 $31,963.00 $25,857.00






Campus Life

Check out campus life at CSUMA by clicking here!

Campus Housing

Cal Maritime is a residential campus- all students are required to live on campus and participate in a meal plan throughout the duration of their education at Cal Maritime. You will find more information regarding this policy and exemptions on the tab regarding our Off-Campus Policy.

Cal Maritime’s uniqueness in this nature, along with the stated residential policy, is why the institution has maintained this philosophy throughout the years. We support research in higher education that indicates that living and being involved in student life on campus is in the best interest for students to be successful in both their academic career and their personal development as students.

Admissions Representative

Andrea Cendejas Hinojosa

Phone: 707-654-1335


Join Meeting


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A school representative will contact you within the next seven days. If you would like to contact them directly please use the contact info listed on this page.

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